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Latest News:  Storefront: Dustys attic currently contains secondhand items, antiques and handcrafted furniture and woodturning items; I will be soon adding a new section for items of interest to people with boats whether coastal or inland waterways there will be items crafted and created for your boating pleasure.

Sailing: The recently added section on boats and sailing I hope will interest and encourage some welcome interaction with like-minded people. There will be sections on sailing and boating in general, blog spot on our Lytton Tornado a 24Ft twin keel sloop, plus a few pages of the local history of harbours ports and shipbuilders here in Somerset.

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Other places of interest

Tally Ho – Built by Albert Strange 1910

I’ve been following a project with great interest and decided to be a Patron along with many others; Leo Golden apprenticed in a few of my past haunts including Polruen on the Fowey river, he also spent a lot of his time in his early days at R&B in Bristol Harbour. Now an extremely talented & Knowledgable sailor but he is an amazing puzzle-solving shipwright; well worth visiting his current mammoth project on U Tube.
Leo is in the states rebuilding
a beautiful 1910 Bristol Channel Piolet Cutter called “Tally Ho”, a ship that comes with a fascinating pedigree and history. She is quite simply a massive undertaking and my hats off to Leo and those who have ventured to the US to help him. I’ve spent the best part of a year following his progress & so proud to support Leo; if I was fit enough I would be out there for a few weeks and lending a hand in this amazing part of history.

Once completed Leo plans to bring her back across the Atlantic and down the river Avon into Bristol once more, my hope is I’ll have “Latte” shipshape and be able to sail in with her from the bristBristol channel.
Follow Leo’s U Tube channel and don’t feel shy of starting at Cpt1 and catching up; you won’t be disappointed.
Tally Ho I’ll be adding a full dedicated page to Leo and “Tally Ho” with contacts and links to Leo’s pages and videos here “The Sampson Boat Co” The website is also linked WEBSITE

Woodwork & Turning: So back to us and my wooden past times, where I create and craft items from bowls to furniture and make to order bespoke maritime items such as Sheet pins, Tillers, Handles and ornamental items.


Pine coffee table with under shelf

Undershelf Coffee Table

Furniture is a small portion of what I make now, being restricted with health but I do still make the odd piece. I will always consider commissioned pieces or requested for anything required.
Most of the furniture, clocks & household items I make are produced with traditional methods, joinery & hand tools some of which are themselves restored and over a hundred years old.
I always try and source timbers from a sustainable resource, I also enjoy using reclaimed timber, especially for clocks and frames.
From time to time I also have some beautiful old furniture in for restoration, see Furniture restoration where you can follow some transformations and purchase some from the store.


Pine wall clock

Pine Wall Clock

A range of clocks to suit your home or office are all made by hand from various timber types including recycled woods. The mechanisms are generally fitted with a reliable quartz movement and can be ticking or silent as an option Casement clocks and Wall clocks are my favourites to make, I’ve got a very strong personal like for Art Deco / Nevo and Arts & Crafts but I can design and make from a guideline to suit a personal requirement. I do some restorations on old-time pieces, clock movements I hand to a professional clockmaker so I know things leave here right.


Silhouette Blackboards

A range of items including Bread & Cheeseboards – Chalkboards – Cutlery box’s – Display units – Bookshelves – Dress mirror’s

Heading to the store?

MOS also at Etsy

  The new storefronts are now up and running; new items will be added as they become available, all the point of sales are secured with SSL Certification.
No personal information has ever been nor will it ever be passed on to any other organisations.
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Painting and Artwork

I still create my artwork from time to time and these can be seen by following the link below. I may well add some more soon, I’ve not painted or drawn for some time due to eyesight and shoulder issues due to surgery; I’m starting to get the itch to try once more, I’ve really missed this part of my life and really hope I can create something soon.

Ron’s Harley

As most of you know I began to favour digital, I really enjoy it each painting is created stroke by stroke using digital brushes & tablet. The painting is built up with hand-mixed colours and each brushmark is done separately.

I’m happy to create a portrait or painting from a favourite photograph. The finished item comes as a high-quality digital image and or printed onto a canvas, framed or unframed.

My only requirement is that you supply a high-quality image to work from, the final painting will be to a degree influenced by the quality of the photograph where I am unfamiliar with the subject to be emulated.
Contact me for further details.

Website creation and Hosting still available: We use GreenGeeks as our server provider the green option. 


The association of Woodturners of Great Britain


A member of AWGB (Association of Woodturners of Great Britain) if you fancy trying wood-turning you may want to give them a try? Young or old AWGB have instructors who would be happy to give the opportunity: Learning from each other is always a good thing

Best regards

Mark Miller

(Make like a sponge, soak it up for later).

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