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Busy constructing editorials in the background whilst sorting historical content moved over from the old site.
Something new for people who may have an interest, I follow various people in their individual exploits I  would love to share some of their attributes and hopefully you’ll be inspired or maybe in some cases happy to help a few.
This month I am particularly drawn to Leo who came from Cornwall and currently resides in the states: He has am an awesome project at the moment rebuilding the Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter called  “Tally Ho” Its a massive undertaking for anyone; she was a Fastnet winner comes with pedigree and real history. Please join me in following her progress in the hands of Leo.


Pine coffee table with under shelf

Undershelf Coffee Table

Furniture made with traditional methods and using hand tools from a natural source or reclaimed timber. Tables – Beds – Dressers. From time to time we also have some beautiful restored original pieces; you can even follow their transformations in furniture restoration.




Pine wall clock

Pine Wall Clock

A range of clocks to suit home or office made by hand and fitted with reliable quartz movement. Case clock’s – Mantle clock’s- Wall clocks.




Silhouette Blackboards

A range of items including Bread & Cheese boards – Chalkboards – Cutlery box’s – Display units – Bookshelves – Dress mirror’s




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Etsy Sales for Crafts

All sales help with the funding of new materials and the refurbishment of traditional hand tools.
I hope that you’ll follow my journey and maybe treat yourself or friends along the way to some great one-off items.

A percentage of income will go towards charities and projects such as the Pilot Cutter Tally Ho.
Any donations or percentages will have a dedicated page here which will keep track of any donations made: giving me back some self-worth, motivation and slowly adding to my confidence so Id like to share that and pass it on, especially to others who may need encouragement or a goal to lift their spirits

I still create my artwork from time to time; I may well add some more here, if anyone is interested in prints or paintings please let me know.  Any suggestions on future content you might like to see free to chip in.

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This is 



The association of Woodturners of Great Britain


A member of AWGB (Association of Woodturners of Great Britain) if you fancy trying wood-turning you may want to give them a try? Young or old AWGB have instructors who would be happy to give the opportunity: Learning from each other is always a good thing



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Mark Miller

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Chapter 10 – Series Landy

REFURBISHMENT OF OUR SERIES lll  It’s been 5 years since we bought our series and during this time its been fairly trouble free and so much fun. The maintenance and gradual refurbishment has been going along as a running project up to now, but this year I took the decision to miss out the annual …

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Chapter 9 – Series Landy

Noah End To It I got the back section of the exhaust fitted and Katie the photographer was far to busy bolting brackets under the Landrover to be taking pictures, not only did she enjoy it she did a really good job of it. The front section is still pretty good for now and to …

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Chapter 8 – Series Landy

Distribution Of Power The new distributor arrived today along with a new strobe light, I’m also pleased to announce that another supplier has made it to the recommended list and will feature on the links page: Excellent quality, great distribution and even first class after sales service should you need it; these guys have a …

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Chapter 7 – Series Landy

Getting Dizzy On Carb’s Now as well as sorting the fuel system all but the carburettor I have also looked at the distributor and spark and noticed the dizzy isn’t spinning as freely as it should, that’s going to be down to lack of use so I dare say the condenser and points are also due …

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