Cobra’s Art

  Introduction to Mark’s Art

I’ve been doodling and sketching for as long as I can remember and all for the love of simply doing, creating something from imagination, from memories or from visual observation.
I’ve worked different mediums in the past pencil or ink sketches were the mainstay for many years, I had some kind of block between me and adding colour, as a teen I recall thinking once I added colour it was ruined or spoilt, it was for me a lack of confidence, once I started to learn more of colour and shade it, of course, became more of an enhancement, I still hesitate to this day before colour.

In the beginning, it was watercolours, I love the pale colours and the way they run into each other and give soft edges; soon the combination of ink led me to Ink & Linewash that soon became a favourite, I use that a lot in my digital work. A few years ago I dabbled with oils, I still enjoy it, but space and family members with bad chests don’t do well around meths and so a truce holds.

I’ve become very attracted to digital artwork, I spent far too long listening to critics who never tried it; they just presumed the computer did the work or maybe it was photoshopped! Far from the truth, with wonderful art software, I can use a pencil, pen, ink, watercolour, oils.
Mix pigments on a pallet by hand, apply paint and sketch freehand all with a digital pen and a drawing tablet; it’s just further freedom of an art that I’ve found and embraced. the image above of a train leaving Glastonbury was created digitally in monochrome and is part of a collection called “illumination” emphasizing light shadow and shade in black and greys

This portrait of the character House was completed a few years ago, I’m proud to say it now resides on a clients wall in there home in California. All my digital art is uploaded to; not only can my artwork be made into different size prints with frames or even set in acrylic, but they can also be turned into cushions, phone covers, placemats and much more.

I am always open to commissions and using Pixels.Com you can choose how you would like it presented; a print in a wonderful frame, maybe an item for family members? The main print for you, smaller prints or even placemats or phone cases for family members; weddings, christenings, or any event you feel it would enhance and create memories.

Also over at Millers Of Sedgemoor (MOS) where I do my woodworking and crafts, I also do pyrography, burning images and patterns into wood, plaques, I even decorate the front of wall clocks I make by hand; House numbers or name plaques and burning designs into bamboo chopping boards for the kitchen.

You can visit my page here:  Mark’s Art