Mark’s Artwork

I’ve been doodling and sketching for as long as I can remember and all for the love of doing it and creating something. I’ve worked with many mediums in the past oils probably my favourite next to Watercolour.

In recent years I’ve become more attracted to digital artwork, I create it using a tablet and each brush stroke is created by hand, whilst the software simulates whatever medium I’ve chosen, all colours are hand mixed on a pallet as you would with a natural medium. I get so much pleasure from this method and from time to time I create prints from photographs sent to me.

I used to have a site called “Cobra’s Art” but it became time-consuming and distracted from the creation its self, so I now send my art to where not only can my artwork be done as prints it can be turned into cushions, placemats and much more.

You can visit my page here:  Mark’s Art