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Updates & News: 20th October 2018

Latest News:

Hi well I’ve been seemingly absent for a while but I have been busy all be it in the background once more, I appear to be spending most of my time here with editorials and reorganising the content. I’ve taken time out with health & life par for the course, I’m sure I see progress so whilst I can Ill keep going forward.

I finally decided on a choice of storefront software for our shop, had real issues the past year or two my favorite “PrestaShop” had gone to the dogs and my alternative choice “Abante” I just didn’t feel at home with and it lacked flexibility. I’m now happily putting it together in an environment I know and feel at home in; PrestaShop, for now, has ironed out some issues and back in my good books:
Much to come here and hopefully something for someone. Click below for MOS Store.

Some very interesting things to coming up in the Blog; from many other talented friends and like-minded people, particularly nautical themes. I’ve been following and supporting Leo for almost a year now and so excited to see his project coming together. He’s restoring the 120-year-old racing yacht “Tally Ho”!
I’ll be leaving links to info, his videos and much more; Help in whatever way you can manage if you’re interested in the project.

You can keep up with our adventures and progress on our yacht “Latte” as we look to make her disabled friendly and ready for next seasons yacht season. This is a wild leap of faith and it could easily not work out; I remain optimistic and excited but I have to keep close to reality; follow along see how we get on.

Never give up, never say can’t without trying, push hard to find your ability but not so hard that disability is impaired. Think of others and try not to put the workload or resource on them because of your stubborn choices.”

“Open minded common sense thinking of all, not just self: Share, care, love & be loved; life is once only, make what you can of what you have. The act of doing is never governed by situations or circumstance it is only governed by your choice.”

Thank you once more this year for your patience: I have taken advantage and redesigned and now I will get back the content and files for everyone asap.

Please feel free to visit either of the links below:

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Many thanks for visiting
Regards Dusty


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