Chapter 1 – Series Landy

Why Landrover
I’ve always liked a Landover, I spent a lot of my childhood on my Uncle and Aunties’ farm. The landrover was a herdsman by then the Landy’s I was driving had evolved into the Series III.
an everyday feature, Uncle at the wheel of the trusty Series II running around the narrow lanes, climbing the steep incline of Balham Hill whilst balancing Sam the excited Collie on my lap. As I became old enough to work; I guess it will come as no surprise that I found myself very happily knee deep in shit as farm labourer my time in agricultural college and paying attention to my boss eventually led me to become a herdsmen by then the Landy’s I was driving had evolved into the Series III.

Another of my great passions had always been biking it was my first vehicle and the way in which I got to work everyday rain or shine; Unfortunately it got to a point where I struggled to get out and I had barely put a 100 miles on the clock in the last year due to this damn illness. The bikes were there to ride, something I could work on when I felt well enough, and they were a progressive investment, buying a little better each time I kept the tight budget in some sort of order: A bike that isn’t being used, unless its a classic is going to degenerate in value.
Reality had to be confronted so I made the decision to sell: I didn’t want the money from the sale to just be eaten up by bills etc, I didn’t want to lose the pleasure of having something to work on, when your days are uneventful because your not as capable as you were, you grab any opportunity to do something you can later sit back and be proud of, maintaining some satisfaction or self-worth is priceless. I needed to exchange this for an alternative hobby come investment: Trust me on the investment side, it’s shit loads more exciting than a savings account and less risk than buying shares.
After discussion’s with her who is to be obeyed, a lot of thinking and investigation we decided to search for a classic Landrover: The Landy could turn out to be something the whole family could enjoy and become a good investment if we bought carefully. So long as I don’t get carried away in the nut and bolt shop! the financial demise of many a Landy owner; that and hats, knitted scarves and pile cream.
In September 2011 we spotted a Series III only a few miles from our home, not as old as I would have liked, but it had an awful lot going for it, original, unmolested, loads of history and even a mileage warranty from a past classic sale, every MOT and receipt backed up the mileage of just 24 thousand miles.
Further delving found the engine, chassis etc to be all original and matching, validated with the help of Landrovers fantastic record-keeping, confirmation on manufacture dates all came back correct. I had a good test drive before buying on and off-road showed a Landrover with a sewing machine engine and tight and well-maintained transmission but very tight leaf springs presumably due to lack of use; I found nothing that couldn’t be sorted: So we became the owners of an 88″ Landrover Series III with a 4 cylinder 2 1/4 petrol engine, manufactured in Solihull in 1975 and the massive grin I got whilst driving home I have still kept.
I’m really looking forward to finding my way around this loverly Landy; a nice dry day and I can have a damn good rummage, list the jobs that need doing first, then a list of stuff Id like to do and form some sort of plan. I’m going to be doing this as a running  project but I’m guessing at some point she will come off the road for work, what level of work or restoration will depend on several factors
1/ What we find when we start poking about.
2/ How much energy I can muster
3/ How many painkillers I can swallow and still maintain my coordination with power tools
4/ The ever limited funds.
My intention is to keep a record of my adventures on here: My web design and site-building is another hobby for when I can do nothing else but sit and eat tablets; This hobby keeps the little grey cells working and I hope it may even become a gateway to getting back to work all be it from home.
Hopefully, some stuff on here will be of help to someone if it helps one person then it was worth the effort; more importantly I really hope you enjoy your visit and come back to catch up on anything new. Feel free to contact me feedback would be great, you may want to contribute or have a question if so fire away; I don’t pretend to know all I’m to busy learning stuff, but be reassured, if I don’t know enough about something I won’t pretend to know so at least you won’t get misled.

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