Chapter 2 – Series Landrover

Well, I did all I could think of prior to handing over the cash, landrover was sold as seen so whatever I’ve bought it’s mine in sickness and in health; I had more than one good look including the all-important test drive.
Four things had come to my attention:
1/ Probable exhaust replacement.
2/ Oil leek 1 – New rocker cover gasket needed.
3/ Oil leek 2 – Possibly a prop shaft seal.
4/ Hole in drivers side footwell.
 We’ve had it on the road a week and covered thirty or so miles; I’ve been off road, nothing major but enough to test all the gears, low, high and four-wheel drive and give the suspension a bit of a trial.
 The gearbox and transmission are very tight and responsive no jumping out of gear. The engine is running very sweet, sounds lovely, no smoke or splutters, it’s all backing up the low mileage claim, so we’re off to a good start.
 Since I bought the Landrover its done now’t but rain. Today was the first real dry day so the opportunity to crawl around on the floor with a torch, hammer, wire brush and the now obligatory dose of painkillers has finally arrived.
 Below is my checklist; initially I had intended to do a detailed section on what I looked for and how I checked it; after I had got halfway through the first page it sounded like a buyers guide? In fairness it seems to work ok, I’ve enjoyed doing it so much I’ve even done my own Illustrations; it’s basic stuff but good, simple and relevant info, so for now “Buyers Guide” it will be.
For those in the know, it will be old hat; if it helps one person then it was worth it.

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