Chapter 4 – Series landy

A Snails Pace
The weather has been a bit crap lately and with the Landy still outside my attention has turned to the interior; doing a few little jobs, most of it boring and monotonous, luckily I find it sadly therapeutic. These small jobs give you a great insight to the condition of things, it makes you look long and hard in corners you wouldn’t bother looking in unless you had enough of a problem to do so!
At some point a carpet or comfort blanket offering had been fitted, then removed leaving that bloody horrible mixture of adhesive and silicon in every orifice; so I’m slowly making may round the floor and seat boxes with me scraper; once I’ve done that, I have the option to sand and paint it: Seemed a bit of a petty job at
the time, but looking at it now it’s really improved things I guess all the little things add up to something even the little cosmetic jobs.
I find myself easily distracted with a coffee and a Rich tea, it’s important to sit back sometimes and soak up the atmosphere, the unmistakable smell of the seventies motoring PVC and petrol; you ponder such questions as; where does that bloody wire actually end up? Distracted once more by a noise, not unlike a group of factory workers heading to the pub at lunchtime, a spider walking across the footwell I heard the bugger before I saw it, he was probably born in the Landy and has a tattoo on one leg “Born In Solihull & Proud” I’m sure he’s after me friggin biscuits.
Cleaning Floors
Well, that little job’s done, my back has given out right on queue and I can hardly walk let alone crawl under the Landy, so time to sit and get some parts sorted for when I’m more mobile. As a consequence not much been happening, certainly enough time to play and draw creatures on biscuits: I have ordered some parts and they are due to arrive tomorrow, whoopee! Exhaust system, Rocker cover gasket, a pair of rear bench seats, in an attempt to lessen the moaning from the back of the Landy or in the least, save a few quid on pile cream! In preparation (No pun intended), I decided to check a pack, I had delivered last week: A complete exhaust installation kit; only to find I was heavy one pack of nuts, light one pack of bolts! Bum tits and arse biscuits! I thought to my self!
So I made a phone call to the supplier, with a mixture of hopefulness and trepidation I explained my plight. The guy took ten minutes or more going through each item with me, so he knew exactly what was needed to put things right; I had a sincere and genuine apology and the reassurance that the bolts would be sent out today: Now let’s be honest, shit happens! Simples! It’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. he even phoned me later in the day, to reassured me the bolts are on route. Update:- As promised bolts arrived the next day.
So many people are quick to name and shame after wrongdoings and being let down, so I thought it only fair to shout out for these guys as I will use them again and recommended them. They shall have a spot on my links page, along with anyone else who proves that they are worth their salt, so please feel free to browse for contacts and suppliers, I have tried and tested them, on my vehicle restoration journey.

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