Chapter 5 – Series Landy

Bit At A Time
Parcels Eh mm! something strangely childlike about parcels, bit of excitement even when you have a fair idea what’s inside; the only difference between surprise parcels and ordered parcels, is you hope what’s inside meets your expectations; if it doesn’t, your certainly not going to phone the supplier and say “Oh lovely, honestly it was just what I wanted and what a lovely colour, how thoughtful”.
Still very sore with my back, being restricted is making me a little arsed off and irritable; I got me stuff I want to get on with it and get the spanners out Arrgghh! Over the years I have learnt to be patient so I ceremonially replace the expansion tank cap with the new one; Whoopee bloody door!
The exhaust will have to wait, in the meantime, I can carry on spraying them exhaust bolts, especially the ones at the manifold with penetrating fluid when the day comes it will be that much easier.
Decided to unpack the rear seats, I have to say they seem rather good: I’ve decided I can sit in the back of the Landy and do that little job even if it kills me. Fitting was very easy and not too much twisting of the torso required so a relatively painless experience, mind you getting back out the landrover will be a different matter, bugger I hurt now. To the rescue and my neighbour has turned up with a coffee, so now I’ve stopped work again, sat in the back on the new seats and admiring the scenery, its all very nice but it doesn’t get anything done! I did previously explain my weakness for a hot drink and a rich tea, but I have a cunning plan; so not to sound ungrateful for the welcome beverage the conversation turns to my friend and yours, that dirty gert spider; he doesn’t like spiders.
New Rear Bench Seats


Leaf springs
Cleaned up the leaf springs this afternoon between the showers, gave them a good going over with the wire brush, they’re not looking too bad at all; gave them a really good spray with penetrating oil and hopefully that will get between the leaves.
Ill mix some oil with a little diesel and brush that well in as well, the diesel will seep right in between the leaves tracking the oil with it, works similar to penetrating oil; once that’s done, Ill go up and down the lane a bit. enough to act on the springs, the movement will help it work in and get the leaves sliding on one another properly.
Rocker Cover Gasket
Today was nice and sunny and I decided to get that rocker cover gasket sorted. On removal, only three-quarters of the gasket remained so there was no doubt that was the cause of the leak. The inside tappets and valves looked great and no sign of milky residue so I’m over the moon. I fitted the new cork gasket with a coating of sealant either side. Good seal has resulted and at the temperature no signs of leakage. Now I can have a good clean around the engine and engine bay knowing that oil is staying where it should be, then get that exhaust system fitted.

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