Chapter 7 – Series Landy

Getting Dizzy On Carb’s

Now as well as sorting the fuel system all but the carburettor I have also looked at the distributor and spark and noticed the dizzy isn’t spinning as freely as it should, that’s going to be down to lack of use so I dare say the condenser and points are also due a refit.

I’ve decided to replace this whole unit and take the opportunity to update things a little: I’ve ordered a new distributor with combined electronic ignition; it will save messing with points at a later date and might even benefit from better fuel consumption.
Whilst I’m waiting for that to be delivered I can get this carburettor sorted it needs to be removed from the top of the manifold and taken to the comfort of the workshop bench where I’ll give it a clean then strip it down and see what we find.



Before and after photo’s of removal and rebuild
Removal of the carb is fairly straightforward the one I’m removing is the Zenith but it will be much the same for a Solex.
1/ Remove the air intake pipe from the top of the carb.
2/ Disconnect the throttle control rods and the choke cable.
3/ Clamp the fuel inlet pipe to stop any leaks and remove the fuel intake pipe.
4/ Undo the 2 bolts connecting the carb to the manifold and gently tease the carb away from the housing.
5/ Place a bung or rolled up ball of paper towel into the intake to stop anything nasty falling in.
On the bench:
So forty years of dirt and oil to clean away, I’m doing this now as a whole, because I don’t want all this crud getting inside when I take it apart; so I’m cleaning the outside first prior to take-a-bits. its one of those sad therapeutic moments again must be my age.
I can’t vouch for all kits but when I came to fit the new diaphragm I really wasn’t happy with the gasket fit and so I made my own from gasket paper I’d rather be happy with it or it will just nag away in my head forever and a day.
The refitting is the reverse of dismantling and I’m happy to say that mine went back together fine; sadly I didn’t take any pics of the completed carb because by that time my hands were just a little greasy for the camera or i-phone. Another job is done and another enjoyable experience once fitted back on the Landy all it took was a quick prime and a tickle of that sticky distributor and she ran fine.
The new electronic ignition and distributor is on the way so that’s the next job on the list, once that’s done I suspect that everything is done that needs to be on the engine, fuel system and ignition; hopefully, I’ll have a sweet running motor at the end of all this.

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