Chapter 8 – Series Landy

Distribution Of Power
The new distributor arrived today along with a new strobe light, I’m also pleased to announce that another supplier has made it to the recommended list and will feature on the links page: Excellent quality, great distribution and even first class after sales service should you need it; these guys have a great reputation and it was totally backed up with my experience of using them: Powerspark Ignition Ltd.
   Well once more due to the messy fingers I’m afraid not many photos were taken: I think in future may be my daughter Katie will have an invite as the photographer; she loves the Landy and seems to prefer having a spanner in her hand and that surely needs encouraging.
   When it came to fitting the dizzy I had very little experience of the process, however, I am extremely fortunate to have a very good mate with loads of practical experience, old-school experience. It’s a very simple analogy, there’s my Haines manual; then there’s Mr Bailey. He often refers to me as the Haines mechanic, whilst grinning and showing me the other way to do it, which is normally half the time and usually involves half the tools and renders several pages of said manual redundant.
I’m not knocking Haines, I have always had a manual for whatever vehicle I have had, because when your short on experience its a good additional tool to have, but when my mates about, its old school and I tend to act like a sponge with him around.
   We already knew the timing was ok on the old dizzy, but that sticky dizzy arm shaft is a problem. So we started by removing the spark plug and finding TDC (Top Dead Centre) then checked that the timing marks were lined up at TDC and placed a white mark using Tipex on the main belt pulley and case markings so the strobe would show up nice and clear; on earlier 2 1/4 engines the timing marks are under a removable plate on the crank housing.
   Once that was done the distributor was carefully loosened and lifted from its housing then the replacement was slipped in place being careful not to move anything from its original position, the dizzy was done up finger tight so it could still be rotated to adjust the timing spark.
Recent photo of new Electronic Distributor
Checked TDC once more, checked that tipex mark on the belt pulley was still in line with the arrow on the casing, turned her over to see what we had. Checking the strobe against the mark it was almost spot on but needed a tweak, twisting the distributor until that mark lined up with the strobe and of course there’s also never a better tool than your ear for confirmation: She sound’s awesome with the exception of that faint background rumble a reminder that the exhaust still needs my attention:
All has gone well with some help from a good mate: Thanks, buddy 😉

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