Chapter 9 – Series Landy

Noah End To It
I got the back section of the exhaust fitted and Katie the photographer was far to busy bolting brackets under the Landrover to be taking pictures, not only did she enjoy it she did a really good job of it. The front section is still pretty good for now and to be honest I didn’t need much persuasion to postpone that job, it will involve the removal at the manifold, I dare say it will lead to a lot of swearing and maybe some broken studs threw in. Needless to say other than the exhaust nothing much has happened regards work on the Landrover, now don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad! It means I’ve had no problems with her, in fact, she’s been faultless.
2012 is definitely found its place in the record books, it’s done nothing but rain here on the Somerset levels, some parts have been flooded for months on end; boats being used to get people in and out of villages for supplies and there just seems to be no let up; personally we have been very lucky here plenty of water around us but we managed to be unscathed by the rising waters, my heart goes out to those who have been less fortunate.
It’s now mid-May 2013 the rain has finally stopped and the sun is shining, it even looks like we might get some sort of summer this year, the weather folk are talking of heatwaves and dry spells it’s overdue.
July heralds the arrival of the MOT and I know that’s going to involve new tyres not the cheapest part of any vehicle let alone a 4×4; like most others in this financial climate its money we can least afford: I also need to look at the brakes as they had an imbalance on the last MOT; although I’ve not noticed anything under braking I’m curious to what caused it last time.
The Landrover has become our main transport, times are tuff and so make do we must. Truth be told I am more than happy with our daily driver for now, because of my illness we don’t do many miles at all, so fuel isn’t an issue, the insurance is Classic and so that’s kept reasonable, had she been that extra year older we would have even been road tax free a definite consideration if your looking for a classic vehicle!
I guess now is a good a time as any for a round-up of what’s happened, what needs to be done.
What’s happened so far
* Rocker cover gasket
* New rear seats
* Leaf springs overhauled
* Fuel pump
* Carburettor re-fit
* Distributor ignition
* Exhaust to the rear
What needs to be done
* Brakes to be checked
* New tyres to fit
Wheel bearings to check
* General inspection for MOT
* Replace Inner wings.
* Replace or repair footwells
Check to replace any brackets where needed add a protective layer, either paint or under-seal to new panels or repairs.
What’s on the wish list?
* Roof lining:
Strip, paint interior of roof insulate and carpet line.
* Interior bodywork:
Clean any surface rust inside and treat, undercoat ready to re-spray.
* Replace door tops with new:
* Seat belts:
Extend and re-position belts so they can be used with roof off.
* Roof & Side panels:
Come up with a way that the roof can be fitted with clips and corner positioning lugs so the roof can be removed and replaced as required.

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