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My short history in sailing:

It starts in the 1970’s at Studland Bay in Dorset, we used to holiday there at the same time as another family from Bristol, they had a 
small daysailor and for me aged 9 it was a very exciting time and an adventure.
(Me pictured forward starboard side).

Studland Bay 1974

Sailing at Studland Bay

  If you recognise your selves in the photo Id love to hear from you, sadly and embarrassingly I don’t remember any names and parents are not here to ask anymore. Would love to hear from you, as you made many fond memories.




Our Lytton Tornado 720

Lytton Tornado 720


Skip forward some 45 years we currently have a Lytton Tornado 720 a 24Ft, twin keel, sloop. She was made in Appleyard, Ely in Cambridgeshire in September 1979.  Now we are looking at updating her and restoring her to sail with disabled requirements.
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Highbridge boatyard home of the almost infamous Mr Harold John Kimber (Kim Kimber) he is right up there on my list of local achievers.
Kim Kimber set up a boat repair yard in 1927 
previously known as Clyce Wharf in Highbridge, Somerset.






The Warf sat at the entrance of the then busy Highbridge Warf on the River Brue. More will be available here:






Sailing & Safty Responsibly
This is not only important but can be quite an in-depth subject so a page will also be dedicated to this subject and added to as we go along. More will be available here:


Training & getting into sailing

 The RYA is the national body for all forms of recreational, competitive and professional boating, it represents dinghy and yacht racing, motor and sail cruising, RIBs and sports boats, powerboating, windsurfing, inland cruising and personal watercraft.
The RYA also sets and maintains recognised standards for training for both leisure and commercial boating through a network of more than 2,400 RYA Recognised Training Centres across 58 countries. You can learn all about sailing, windsurfing and powerboating by reading all about the different types of boating you can do on the RYA website.


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Sailing & Safty

There’s such a plethora of subjects remits and choices for consideration regards Sailing and safety, many can be covered with basic knowledge and common sense, but always take time to learn these basic principles and never feel daft for asking any questions regards advice, there are no daft questions when getting experience and knowledge of safe practices. Many times …

Lytton Tornado 720

  Lytton Tornado 720  Built by: Lytton Boatbuilders Ltd Appleyard Lincoln Works, Waterside, Ely, Cambridge. More on Lytton         Lytton Tornado 720 – Twin keel – 24Ft Bermudan sloop – GRP Construction Built        September 1979                                    …

Our local boat builders

Boat builders Bridgwater and Highbridge Somerset. Much more to follow. Highbridge boatyard and the almost infamous Mr  Harold John Kimber (Kim Kimber) is right up there on my list of achievers. Mr Kimber set up a boat repair yard in 1927, previously known as Clyce Wharf based at the entrance to Highbridge Warf on the River Brue …

Lytton Boatbuilders Ely

Lytton Boat Builders Information What we’ve uncovered so far. The predominant vessel Lytton’s were producing would appear to be a pleasure craft for inland waterways, one of their vessels became very popular in the sixties the well known Elysian which developed later in the eighties into the Discovery 850. Lake & Seagoing yachts I’ve so far traced seem to emerge around …