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Lytton Boatbuilders Ely

Lytton Boat Builders Information

What we’ve uncovered so far.

The predominant vessel Lytton’s were producing would appear to be a pleasure craft for inland waterways, one of their vessels became very popular in the sixties the well known Elysian which developed later in the eighties into the Discovery 850. Lake & Seagoing yachts I’ve so far traced seem to emerge around 1974 disappearing around 1984.

*   The Arran built in 1974 was an18Ft twin keel trailer sailor possibly designed by Ken Faff
*   The Tornado 720 built-in 1979 / 1980 was another twin keel this time a 24Ft sloop design
*   The Arransen 780 was built around 1982 / 1984 this was a 25Ft twin keel sloop.
              As far as I can see these were brought about by a Swedish designed by the name of Arransen.

Lytton’s brief history (Other sources)

Lytton boat building company took over from J G Meakes of Marlow at Ely, The company was spearheaded by Ken Faff who was the previous sales manager for Appleyard and Lincoln. They were predominantly producing cruisers for the inland waterways and Lytton are well known for that. 

They started to produce their more modern version of the Elysian 27.  The models built by Lytton featured a more angular superstructure formally known as the Elysian sport. This company was in existence during the late 70s.

  Appleyard Lincoln is a name probably not familiar to the boating fraternity on the Broads, originating from Ely in the Cambridgeshire fens, but they produced three of the most popular designs in the early sixties, many of which are still in service today – the Elysians: On the closure of Appleyard Lincoln, the moulds were used by J.G.Meakes of Marlow and Bounty Boats of Brundall.

Thanks to Chris Whittington for passing on this information: 

Lytton’s that we have located:

The Lytton Tornado “October Strom” is currently for sale and on e-bay, Happy to help the owner find a nice owner for her and carry on enjoying these amazing boats.
FOR SALE Lytton 720 Tornado “October Storm”

If anyone has information on the yard’s history, designers, build’s etc; if anyone knows of any Lytton’s or other owners of the yachts we would love to hear from you.

If any owners interested in joining an owners group please feel free to get in touch; I really do not know how many or how few owners there are but we will give it a go, as far as I am aware there is no other Lytton owners site.
It will be a place s a place to exchange hints tips and info the more the better this will work let’s see our number and we will find out more.