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Lytton Tornado 720


Lytton Tornado 720 

Built by: Lytton Boatbuilders Ltd
Appleyard Lincoln Works,
Waterside, Ely, Cambridge.

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Lytton Tornado 720 – Twin keel – 24Ft Bermudan sloop – GRP Construction

Built        September 1979                                              Hull                No’ 7
LOA         23′ 6″               7.2 Mtr                                      Beam             7′               2.1 Mtr
LOW       18′                     0.0                                                Draft              3′              0.9 Mtr
SSR          No’ 151440                                                         Name             LATTE
Engine   Beta 13.5 hp inboard diesel                      Steering       Tiller tp rudder

“LATTE” was purchased in Cardiff and brought to Uphill where a lot of time and money was spent on her back in 2012 including the installation of a new Beta inboard diesel. For an unknown reason interest was lost in her and in 2017 she was moved off her mooring and brought round to her drying mooring in the creek.


First look inside a deep breath

She was then bought by another owner but sadly they became ill and needed to move away and sell up. The opportunity to buy “LATTE” came up and included the mooring and anything that was left onboard, just what that was we weren’t sure until we started clearing her out.

This is a two-edged sword for us I’m pretty restricted in everything I do day to day due to disability. On one hand, I’m excited with the prospect to get back to sailing but we are also very aware that until we finish and take her out Ill not know if I can achieve it. This is a genuine leap of faith for us; we have no idea if it will work out, worst case scenario we save “LATTE” and make her ready for a new owner to enjoy.

Either way, I intend on keeping a blog from our first viewing visit through to a journey yet to be taken, I’ve looked at ideas for “LATTE” for a long time and we have now decided to attempt some adaptions to make it possible for me to sail her at the helm, although I know I’ll never manage singlehanded I hope to get back on the water with myself and my other half or a small crew.


Chapter 1 will soon be online showing what we found regards her condition, we inventory all the accessories and equipment. Then we will have some sort of work plan and evaluate how we did on the purchase.

I don’t want to dwell on my personal disability but we are looking at adapting things and so it will come up from time to time; this may benefit or encourage some people who may be in a similar situation I hope we can encourage someone else to take a leap and gain some freedom again.

Double V berth forward

One thing that pleases me is the family are also interested, my past exploits tend to be away from everyone so this is special.  she’s small but she does have accommodation facilities similar to a basic caravan so not only will we have some sailing to enjoy but we can also have some nights on board in a few local harbours and ports in the near future if all goes to plan.

I will leave links to any websites that I find of use and those that have specific useful info regards any particular jobs. there will also be those chandlers or maritime services that we can recommend along the way. If you think it will be of interest follow along with us on our journey.

Disability does affect my writing and editing so I’ll apologise now for any rambling or spelling/grammar, its something I have to put up with and something people to find there way around.