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Our local boat builders

Boat builders Bridgwater and Highbridge Somerset.

Much more to follow.

Highbridge boatyard and the almost infamous Mr  Harold John Kimber (Kim Kimber) is right up there on my list of achievers. Mr Kimber set up a boat repair yard in 1927, previously known as Clyce Wharf based at the entrance to Highbridge Warf on the River Brue in Somerset.

I’ve been looking for a small boat tender; now I’ve struck on the idea of building one either from a plan of his or try to emulate a style to produce a tender that was designed for the waters I use today. The procedure would be documented, the build, the tools their purpose and uses, we will also be looking at some of the boats built and take a look at the ones still afloat today: I’m so excited at the prospect and possibility of it coming to fruition.