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Sailing & Safty

There’s such a plethora of subjects remits and choices for consideration regards Sailing and safety, many can be covered with basic knowledge and common sense, but always take time to learn these basic principles and never feel daft for asking any questions regards advice, there are no daft questions when getting experience and knowledge of safe practices.

Many times I’ve heard the same type of questioning from people it all seems to be set around Have too musts and the law; What must I have, What do I need to be legal etc. To be honest Uk law regards requirements are somewhat lacking unless your commercial or looking to take paying passengers to sea these require the “Merchant Shipping regs as class Xll vessels”; leisure boating & sailing are requirements under “SOLAS V”.

Please go back to the basic knowledge and common sense it will almost certainly steer you in the right direction and give you far more comfort zones and protection. There are some useful guidelines supplied by the Coastguard the RNLI and the RYA.

Mandatory equipment for pleasure craft

13.7 Mtrs or less
Radar reflector 
Life-saving signals
Navigation Lights
Fire fighting equipment

13.7 Mtrs plus 
All Above
Maritime radio
MF / HF Radio
Distress flares
Liferaft Grabbag
Man overboard lines or equipment
Boarding ladder