Tools & Restoration



Roberts & Lea Panel saw

Tool restoration a panel saw

Traditional tools

There really isn’t anything that compares to using traditional hand tools in woodworking, especially if they have a personal family connection, even when they don’t; your always wondering whose hands they’ve been through and what they have created in the past, restoration or refurbishment of these old items gives life to some tools thought to be rendered useless or worthless.


Tyzack brass back saw

Tyzack of Sheffield dovetail saw

I love finding old tools; bringing them back to life and using them. What really excites me is when I come across something I’ve never used before; researching their age, how they were used and what they were used for. Having the chance to learn these past skills is so fulfilling: It simply fascinates me.




Jointer Plane Wood block Robert Sorby Iron

Traditional Wooden Jointer Plane

Go to the “Tools & Restoration” category where ill be showing you some of the items I’ve come across and now use in the making of my furniture and joinery, there are some basic and others a little more interesting.
I hope you enjoy the site and I can give you a little inspiration to try something for yourself and learn.




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