Jul 14

Shaker Wall Clock

Shaker Wall Clock

Shaker wall clockReclaimed pine:
The shaker wall clock is really pleasing design simplicity of shaker joinery and visual appearance made to last.






Creation process:

Been reclaiming some old wood today getting some nice 4 Sq from it will stack away for use. Planes, chisels and saws all sharpened for next time. Because the hand tools produce wood shavings, no dust extraction needed in my workshop, the accumulated bag of shavings today gave the chickens 6 inch deep warm bedding and again saved a few pennies, how cool was that.

Having a bash at a shaker style wall clock with pillowed panelling, round overs, freehand rebates and fine beading. Not one power tool so far

Timber prepared for use

Timber after prep shows beautiful wood

Clock frame prepared.

Main clock frame case

Clock case progressing, took a while longer with joinery I don’t yet have a plough plane rebates all done with a chisel so determined to complete this completely with hand tools in my line of sight my new electric router which would have rebated in 10 minutes or less lmao; I ignored it and concoured.
Some more fancy but subtle curves and shaping to go then prep for Finnish with traditional 200years shellac and beeswax.

Lower plinth of shaker clock

Lower plinth round over detail

Front bevelled panel of clock

Front panel for case bevelled and finished

Little more progress: Beading added to sides and rails rounded over top and bottom and panel shaping complete. Once its had its final sanding the small gaps should close up on glue up. So just installation of clock movement final sand and finish.
Considering all this was achieved from old pallet wood and completely done with hand tools I am quite pleased with how it has shaped up i don’t think I was expecting such a good finish as I have got.
So before someone tells you that nothing of any quality will come from using pallet wood, remember its only time patience and a bit of graft stopping it from happening; a challenge I have really enjoyed and great to use as a learning too

Clock 11


Well from Ugly duckling to swan. I really wanted to know how good an item I could make from a redundant factory wooden pallet that was ready for burning.
Plenty of great garden projects and ruff but utilitarian furniture out there; but to make and object in the traditional way using hand tools and joinery to squeeze the best quality out of scrap wood, that was my challenge.
I’m the hardest to please in truth and yet I am rather happy with how this went. Anyone for fine joinery goods from recycled wooden resources for quality “Not So Shabby Chic”

Clock Fin 1 crop



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